Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, all content must be original and not published elsewhere. We prioritize well-researched, informative, and engaging articles that align with our blog’s theme. Additionally, submissions should be between 800 to 1500 words and include proper citations for any data or quotes used. Lastly, we encourage guest bloggers to include relevant images or graphics to enhance the visual appeal of the post.

  • Content must be original
  • Articles should be between 800 to 1500 words
  • Proper citations required

While we have a particular focus on profitable small business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs, we are open to exploring related subjects that offer valuable insights to our readers.

  • SMEs growth opportunities in India
  • Ways to help small businesses grow
  • Factors affecting entrepreneurial growth
  • High profit margin businesses
  • Low cost business ideas with high profit
  • Profitable small business ideas

These are some of the popular topics we ficus on, but we’re also interested in fresh perspectives and emerging trends within the industry.

  • Diverse range of topics accepted
  • Emphasis on niche-related subjects
  • Open to exploring emerging trends

The Growth File gives you an opportunity to:

  • Showcase expertise, expand reach, and establish credibility within the industry
  • Potential for financial compensation based on post performance
  • Exposure to engaged audience

Guest bloggers retain the rights to their content, but by submitting it to our platform, they grant us a non-exclusive license to publish, modify, and distribute the content as necessary. We may also promote the content across various channels, including social media and email newsletters. However, guest bloggers are free to republish their content elsewhere after a reasonable period of exclusivity, typically 30 to 90 days, as agreed upon during the submission process.

The author bio for guest bloggers should provide readers with a brief overview of the author’s background, expertise, and any relevant credentials or affiliations. Typically, this includes the author’s name, professional title or expertise, a concise description of their experience or qualifications related to the topic of the article, and a link to their personal website or social media profiles, if applicable. Including a headshot photo of the author can also help personalize the bio and create a connection with readers.

  • Name, professional title, and expertise
  • Description of relevant experience or qualifications
  • Link to personal website or social media profiles
  • Optional: headshot photo for personalization

Yes, guest bloggers are welcome to include relevant links to their own website, blog, or social media profiles within their articles, typically within the author bio section or as a reference to additional resources. However, excessive or irrelevant self-promotion within the content body is discouraged, as our primary focus is on providing valuable information and insights to our audience. Guest bloggers should ensure that any links included are contextually relevant and add value to the reader’s experience.

The only way to reach us for guest blogging opportunities is via email. Guest bloggers can request our submission guidelines by sending an email to Once received, they can submit their articles following the provided guidelines.

During the submission process, all prospective guest bloggers undergo a screening process to ensure the quality and relevance of their work. This involves showcasing previous writing samples or relevant portfolio pieces. If a guest blogger is a beginner or does not have previous writing samples, they are welcome to submit a draft article on a topic of their choice. This allows us to assess their writing style, research skills, and ability to craft engaging content.

Write to us at to contribute to The Growth File.