What Business Can I Start With ₹50,000 in India?

Want to start your own business but have a tight budget? With 50,000 rupees, you can start your entrepreneurial career in India. The businesses listed below can bring serious side income or primary income to you if you thoroughly explore them, work on the right business model, make a plan, and launch this year.

Table of contents

  1. Local/Home-based Catering
  2. Grocery delivery service
  3. Homegrown vegetable and fruit distribution
  4. Kids party planners
  5. Mobile garage service business
  6. Mobile beauty salon business
  7. Honey production business
  8. Conclusion

Local/Home-based Catering

Starting a home-based catering business can cost as little as 50,000 rupees, depending on your town, equipment needs, and marketing costs. Creating a solid business outline is important when entering a local catering business from the comfort of your home. Create a mouth-watering and customisable menu that appeals to the people you want to serve.

What expenses are involved?

Allocate a certain amount for purchasing high-quality, fresh products from nearby vendors. Invest in important kitchen equipment and tools as well. An extra cooking gas connection could help ensure uninterrupted service during large gatherings. FSSAI registration is mandatory for all catering businesses. Get more details regarding food safety rules from your local health department, and make sure you have all the licences and permits required to run your business legally.

Who are my customers?

Connect with nearby wedding venues, event planners, and corporate offices. Offer special discounts to attract new consumers and harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to spread the word within your social circles. Develop strong relationships with your clients and provide exceptional customer service and unforgettable experiences.

Grocery delivery service

You can start your own business in the growing grocery delivery market with as little as 50,000 Indian rupees. The first step is to draft a business plan or a well-organized outline since it will set you up for profitability and ensure nothing is missed. Identify possible prospects and evaluate your competition by conducting a detailed study of the market. With 50,000 Indian rupees at your disposal, it’s essential to choose a business model that aligns with your budget, resources, and long-term goals. Subscription-based models, on-demand delivery services, and partnerships with local food stores are all viable business models.

What expenses are involved?

Marketing your grocery delivery service business doesn’t have to break the bank. To build awareness and attract clients, use social media channels, community activities, and relationships with neighbourhood associations. Having your own vehicle is advantageous, but you can also consider renting one initially. Look into the laws and regulations governing the food delivery sector in your area, such as licencing, permits, and food safety standards.

Who are my customers?

The target market could consist of working professionals, the elderly, families with small children, or anyone with restricted mobility who needs easy access to groceries. Provide incentives for referrals and special discounts as ways to encourage getting and retaining new customers. The success of your grocery delivery service business is dependent on building a reliable and efficient delivery network.

Homegrown vegetable and fruit distribution

In India, there is a growing need for fresh produce. You can now launch a homegrown vegetable delivery service for less than 50,000 INR by purchasing vegetables directly from local farmers. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farmers is essential to the success of this business model. To ensure a consistent supply, you’ll need to put in the work to find farmers who produce things locally and offer them a good deal. Sell produce as soon as it is gathered from the farmers to ensure that consumers get the freshest possible goods while preserving the food’s quality and freshness.

What expenses are involved?

Proper storage and transportation means, cold chain logistics, and regular quality checks are important. Other expenses for this business venture may include marketing materials like brochures, leaflets, and other promotional materials, as well as design fees.

Who are my customers?

Families and individuals looking for fresh produce that is sourced locally are usually the customers. Customers may also include cafes, restaurants, and guesthouses that place a high value on serving dishes made with fresh, farm-sourced vegetables. Buying directly from farmers ensures fresher produce, supports local agriculture, and promotes sustainability.

Kids party planners

Professional party planners for children have become increasingly in demand in India in recent years. More and more parents are looking for easy and creative ways to celebrate their children’s special occasions. Even with a small expenditure of 50,000 INR, you can get started on this business and grow it into a profitable enterprise. Finding your USP will help you draw customers and differentiate your brand, whether it’s eco-friendly party supplies, customised event experiences, or themed party packages. Decide what services you’ll provide, such as event planning, decoration, entertainment, or all-inclusive party packages.

What expenses are involved?

Allocate a portion of your budget to buy necessary supplies and equipment, such as decorations, costumes, entertainment props, and party favours. Register your business and secure the required licences and permits. To operate legally, get a child protection policy approved by the right government agency and invest in liability coverage.

Who are my customers?

The main target market for kid’s party planners is busy parents who value both ease and professionalism when organising parties for their children. Potential customers also include childcare facilities, schools, and event venues looking for reliable partners to plan kid-focused events. Promote your services using digital marketing platforms and social media accounts. Starting a kid’s party planner business in India could be a profitable endeavour if you have a passion for providing kids with unforgettable experiences.

Mobile garage service business

A mobile garage service business under 50,000 INR is a great possibility for passionate business owners with a love for automobiles. This business is ideal for people who own a reliable vehicle, such as a utility truck, scooter, or any vehicle that can transport tools and spare parts. Extensive technical skills and knowledge of automotive systems and technologies, gained through years of field experience, will be invaluable. Offering different services like emergency roadside assistance, doorstep car maintenance, or customised repairs could help you stand out in the market. 

What expenses are involved?

Make the most of your budget allocation to pay for necessary expenses such as insurance, fuel, marketing, utility vehicle maintenance, and overhead.

Who are my customers?

Your main target audience is vehicle owners who look for convenience and flexibility when repairing their automobiles. Prospective clients also include businesses that operate fleets of cars, like logistics firms and taxi services. To draw and keep clients, highlight the quality, cost, and ease of use of your offerings.

Mobile beauty salon business

For those who are passionate about wellness and beauty, starting a mobile beauty salon business for as little as 50,000 INR could be an amazing possibility. You can offer a variety of beauty treatments, such as facials, cosmetics applications, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and hair styling. While professional training and qualifications in cosmetology or aesthetics are useful, they are not always mandatory. Basic equipment includes a portable styling chair, foldable table, salon apron, styling tools, and a variety of beauty products. Create a customised inventory according to the specific offerings you want to provide.

What expenses are involved?

Purchasing beauty tools, products, and equipment such as hair styling tools, nail care supplies, skincare products, makeup essentials, vehicle costs, licencing, and permits. Allocate funds for promoting the business through online and offline channels, including social media marketing and flyers.

Who are my customers?

Your potential customers include busy professionals, homemakers, students, the elderly, and people with limited mobility who prefer beauty services delivered to their door. Event planners, brides-to-be, and those preparing for special occasions are all prospective clients.

Honey production business

The world of beekeeping and honey harvesting welcomes people from all walks of life to step into this rewarding business. Starting a honey production business in India costs around 50,000 Indian rupees. There are three parts to the business. The first step is to set up your apiary, or beekeeping space. The second step is to harvest and process the honey, followed by marketing and distribution. There are many tutorial videos available on YouTube to help you get started.  Choose appropriate apiary locations with easy access to nectar sources, water, and minimal human disturbance. Put strict quality control procedures in place to guarantee the cleanliness and purity of honey.

What expenses are involved?

Allocate your budget for the purchase of beekeeping equipment, beehives, frames, protective gear, and other necessary beekeeping supplies. To make the extraction and processing of honey easier, get extractors, filters, and storage containers.

Who are my customers?

Target customers include chefs and food makers who need natural and high-quality honey as an ingredient, as well as health-conscious people searching for natural sweeteners. The target market also includes beekeeping enthusiasts and businesses searching for profitable ventures in the agricultural industry.


Starting a business with 50,000 rupees needs careful planning, resourcefulness, and dedication. Take that first step with confidence, knowing that every setback is an opportunity for growth and that every accomplishment shows your resilience.6+