Market Research Tips for Green Cleaning Startups

Market Research Tips for Green Cleaning Startups

India has witnessed a surge in demand for environmentally friendly goods and services in the last few years. There has been a surge in demand for green cleaning services due to people’s increased environmental consciousness, knowledge of the negative effects of conventional cleaning chemicals, and health concerns. Furthermore, it offers India a huge economic advantage. We’ll learn about the market potential, crucial factors, and practical aspects of starting a green cleaning company in India in this post.

So, what exactly is this green cleaning service?

Green cleaning services

Green cleaning services is a concept that has gained popularity over the last few years where they use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products. Green cleaning businesses cater their services to both residential and commercial spaces that prioritise safe, clean, and healthy homes and workspaces. These goods are safer for the environment and people to use while being just as effective as traditional cleaning agents.

How do you conduct market research on launching a new cleaning service business?

It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the market before you launch your green cleaning business in India. Here are the key points to remember:

Market Size and Growth Trends

There has been a noticeable surge in demand for eco-friendly cleaning services in India’s cities. Beyond residential cleaning, the commercial and industrial cleaning sectors are areas witnessing rapid expansion. All thanks to greater health and hygiene awareness, as well as rapid urbanisation.

Laundry, surface care, toilets, and dishwashing are the subcategories of household cleaning in India. Green cleaning products are readily available in the market; they are composed of plant-based, renewable materials and do not contain any harmful elements that could lead to respiratory or other health problems. Here is a research report that forecasts the growth of green cleaning products globally.

Start your research by finding out how much demand there is in your community for green cleaning services. Identify other sectors where consumers with disposable income are more likely to choose safe and environmentally friendly items. Try gathering data from local business directories, conducting surveys, or seeking feedback from the community.

Competitor Analysis

Bring your marketing powers into action by conducting an in-depth competition analysis. To do that, research the competitor’s names, their marketing strategies, their typical prices, additional services they offer, etc. Learn about their weaknesses or note the areas you believe could be weak points.

Environmentally certified businesses have an advantage over the competition in the cleaning business. Find out recognised organisations from which you can obtain certifications, as these certifications will help you position your business as a trustworthy service provider and show your commitment to this business.


Segment the market based on whether they are residential or commercial. People living in urban areas want their children or pets to be safe and are concerned about the health impacts of conventional cleaning products. Commercial spaces like offices, hotels, and hospitals are now looking for green cleaning services that provide a safe environment. 

Segmenting the market helps you create a persona for your customer, and you can offer custom cleaning services based on their requirements. Ideally, professionals who are environmentally conscious and families with children could be your primary targets. Showcase health benefits, the use of eco-friendly products, and your commitment to sustainability in your marketing materials.

Distribution Channels

For any business, getting noticed in the beginning is important, and an online marketplace is the ideal place to start. Post a list of your services on these platforms, and use social media to advertise them. In order to reach a larger audience interested in green cleaning services, we first recommend placing paid advertisements on social media sites like Facebook.

Associating with builders, developers, and commercial spaces could get you decent business every month, and they can also be a potential distribution channel. Building a dedicated website can be done as you grow, but make sure you build one for your business, as it will eventually bring in more customers for you in the future.


Starting a green cleaning service business in India requires thorough market research. Look for reports that offer a wealth of information and in-depth analysis that help make well-informed decisions and build a business plan for your project.

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